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Serving the entire Portland Vancouver metro area.

Protect your vehicle, motorcycle, boat and more from rock chips, bug acids, scratches, and other abrasions with the latest in ­­­protective film technology. Using the industries finest quality films we help protect your finish like no other.

With our professionally designed & installed kits you will get the most coverage & least amount of exposed edges. Giving your vehicle the most protection with a sleek look. Take a look at the photos on the "Us vs. the other guy" page.

Check out our Facebook page for our weekly install pictures

Pieces show here are all on the Porsche pictured above.

1 - Hood

2 - Fenders

3 - Mirrors

4 - Door Cups

5 - Bumper

6 - Tow Plug

7 - Chin Spoiler

8 - Door Edge Guard

9 - Headlights

10 - Driving Lights

2010 Land Rover Range Rover

Pieces shown here are all on the Range Rover pictured above.

1 - Hood

2 - Fenders

3 - Side View Mirrors

4 - Door Cups

5 - Rear Door Flairs

6 - Front Bumper

7 - Door Edge Guard

8 - Headlights

9- Fog Lights

Here's why we do what we do... The film is being replaced on this race car. You can see all the damage & even holes in the film as it's being removed.

Most of this damage was from only one race weekend in Texas recently (many cars off in the gravel traps throwing debris on the track) but the film was installed at the beginning of last year's race season. Many teams had to spend thousands to repair their cars after the Texas race. This one needed a windshield and a couple sections of protective film replaced. NO paint work needed. This film works!

The paint underneath is in the same condition as when we applied the film in the first place. A few hundred dollars in film saves a few thousand in a paint job.

We cover a wide variety of vehicles, water craft, ATV, bikes, and even your snowboard. 

Why choose Roadrunner?

We learned a long time ago that not all kits are created equal. Most kit manufacturers have to make too many compromises in their designs to allow installers with little to no experience to be able to install them. This leaves areas exposed that could otherwise be protected or creates unsightly seams in areas that could otherwise be covered without. To combat this some installers will install the film free-hand, trimming the film over the paint on the vehicle. This is fine if the installer has the experience and steady hand required not to cut through the film and into the vehicle’s finish. The film is approximately 8mil thick - there isn’t much room for error here! We are proud to say that we have never had to have any vehicle we have worked on re-painted because the finish was cut into - since 2001. We will use this install method mainly on custom vehicles or when having to match another installer’s work. This is particularly helpful for body shops.

  For the volume dealers we work with we will design our own computer cut kits for each model you sell. This allows us to provide you with the speed and consistency, along with the quality, that your customers expect. Designing our own kits also allows us to custom tailor them to your specifications. We will also provide point-of-sale tools to aid in the sale of our product.

Check out our Facebook page for our weekly install pictures!